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Today's Spending

January 6th, 2009 at 12:57 pm

$5.00 on shoes....and dog bowls...

My thrift store has a blow-out sale for shoes on Tuesdays. Some people are grossed out by wearing other people's shoes....luckily I am not....I look for semi-new shoes...for my $5.00 I got a pair of black suede, ugg-like boots, a pair of old navy flip-flops, a pair of Me Too's all leather with leather flowers and a pair of mary-jane mules from Naturalizer, oh and a pair of suede and sparkly flip-flops. I also got a pair of ceramic dog bowls for my beloved hound, Delilah. Okay, maybe they were meant for cereal, but she likes them.

I also spent $38.00 at the grocery for turkey sandwiches, barbecue shrimp and turkey enchiladas which will be more than enough food for the week. I get to eat at my bartending job...which is nice. The menu gets old though.

I plan on spending a few dollars to send my daughter her birthday gift and a few for my bookclub book...I get a 10% discount on the book....a bookclub I've never really been to because of scheduling. I have to pick up the Accountant's monogrammed Christmas present shirt....which I already paid for.

Now that I'm thinking about it....I might just borrow the book from the library instead of buying it.